Water Activities


Looking for a laid back but somewhat luxurious group snorkeling adventure look no further, whether you’re a first time snorkeler or a free-diving expert, Companies we’ve chose to offer to you, the staff is trained to make your snorkel trip as comfortable, informative and exciting as possible. First you’re started off with some beach cruising where you will enjoy the scenery of our pristine beaches and turquoise waters. Then you’re off to snorkeling at the Barrier Reef where you can see the beautiful coral underwater reefs. Then you head down to another snorkel area where the mate on board dives in for to collect fresh conch from the ocean floor and then off to a secluded island where you can have fun with the companionship with others enjoying the music and complimentary beverages, along with finding sea shells and even sand dollars, after you get to enjoy the captain’s famous “Conch Salad” from the conch caught. And finally you get to visit our popular island named Little Water Cay better known as “Iguana Island”, where you get to see the rock iguanas.

Ensure you have: Towels, Swimsuits, Cameras, Cash & sunscreen.

Equipment Included

  • Price starts at $99 per person
  • Prices are subject to Government Tax and fees

Scuba Diving

Here in the Turks and Caicos we have the third largest Barrier Reef in the world, and one of the best ways to visit this and get closer to the sea life would have to be scuba diving. Whether it is just diving off from the Beach right in front of your resort for a one tank dive or adventuring on a two tank dive to West Caicos, French Cay or even North West Point famous for spotting sharks, there is a scuba trip for everyone. If you are a first time diver with no experience, have no worries because the companies we recommend, offers a Resort Course where you will be professionally trained for a dive session. Here in the TCI we are lucky to have natural crystal clear water and manageable currents. If you feel more comfortable being in a smaller group or larger group or even alone, believe me there is something for you.

Time Length: 5hrs to 7hrs for two tanks and one tank 1hr to 2hrs.

  • Price for 1 Tank starting at: $169 per person
  • Price for 2 Tank starting at: 152 per person
  • Discover Diving at $299 per person (pool
    session & 2 tank boat dive)
  • Prices are subject to Government Tax and fees

Deep Sea Fishing

A twenty to thirty minute drive out on our beautiful waters with experienced captains right off shore to sport fish for Tuna, Mahi-mahi, Sail Fish and Wahoo just to name a few. You will go trolling in the TCI waters hoping to bring back a meal or even just having some good old fun. You can decide to go with a group of persons sharing the same passion as you about fishing or you can even decide to have the boat for just you and your family and friends with cold beverages on board. Can you imagine all this just minutes away from our lovely beaches on a boat ranging from 25ft to 45ft.

  • Price starts at $308 per person
  • Private Charter Price starts at $950
  • Additional $12 per person for fishing licenses
  • Prices are subject to Government Tax and fees

Bottom Fishing

bottom fishingIf you want to do a bit more relaxing type of fishing when comparing to Sport Fishing or Deep Sea, bottom fishing is the right choice. Still being able to catch a meal with less the difficulties and a short boat ride away to your captain’s secret spots , catching fish such as snapper’s, grouper’s , jack’s or even Barracuda’s. This can also be done with a group or even privatized if that’s your wish.

  • Price starts at $200 to $250 per person
  • Private charter starts at $700
  • Additional $12 per person for fishing license
  • Prices are subject to Government Tax and fees

Bone Fishing

With over many miles of shallow flats, here in the TCI is known as one of the best places in the world to bone fish, and is probably the most favorable kind of fishing by most boat captains. With the engine being off enjoying the peace and quiet mind set and just polling into the bone fishing nesting grounds which is about 3ft to 5ft of water to enjoy a mind blowing experience, where you are likely to catch fish. Even though it is a catch and release sport it is still as breath taking and fascinating as the other types of fishing. With bone fishing it is a smaller boat that can only take three people, which one will be the captain, this is a very fun and relaxing sport!

  • Price starts at $500
  • Additional $12 per person for fishing license
  • Prices are subject to Government Tax and fees

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up Paddle is a nice ecofriendly way to view attractions on the island and also an additional way to workout. Whether you’re taking a tour around our beautiful mangroves, where you will see sharks stinger rays, as they use the mangrove as a nesting area. Even if you want to rent a paddle board for a day or just an hour to get an experience, Island Tours & Excursions can arrange a delivery and pick up service which is additional.

  • SUP board rental price starts at: $35 per hour or $100 per day.
  • Price for Mangrove Tours:
    • Adult: $125 per person
    • Children: $85 per person
  • Prices are subject to Government Tax and fees


This is another ecofriendly tour that is great for the whole family and a nice way to visit different islands such as Iguana Island or even exploring our mangroves enjoying what nature has to offer at its best. You can even book a kayak safari with snorkeling and making stops to different beaches or you can rent kayaks and have them delivered to your resort or villa and just adventure from you beach right in front of your eyes.

  • Kayak rental price for Double Seats: $25 per hr. $68 for half a day and $100 for full day
  • Price for Kayak Tours:
    • Adults: $130 per person
    • Children: $90 per person
  • Prices are subject to Government Tax and fees


There is nothing better than feeling the breeze through your hair and relaxing while being catered to on a motor less boat, just sailing around our beautiful Islands. You can pick anything from a group beach cruise to a group snorkel cruise or share your romance on a lovely sunset cruise with wine and cheese & crackers or just the sunset itself and you have Boats size ranging from 46ft to 52ft. You can even rent the boats out for the family and customize your dream sail adventure.

  • Sunset Cruise with Wine and Cheese: $99 person
  • Sunset:$70 per person
  • Group Snorkeling: $99 per person
  • Half day Lunch:$99 per person
  • Full Day Snorkel Cruise: $199 per person
  • Private charters: $1300
  • Ensure to have towels, sunscreen, cash & cameras
  • Prices are subject to Government Tax and fees

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is another great way to explore the shallow waters in the TCI and a very fun experience at the same time. We offer the thrill of jet skiing in a safe and eye watching environment. All companies are based on the south side of the Island of Providenciales which is also known as the more calm side of the island with your choice of having a guide to escort you over to islands such a Delis Cay or Parrot Cay or even visiting the ship wreck that still sits on the bed of Long Bay’s shallow water or you may wish to ride without a guide and just ride the waves being in a restricted area within eye sight of the company.

  • Price for 30mins: $135 per Jet Ski
  • 1 hour: $205 per Jet Ski
  • Prices are subject to Government Tax and fees


parasailWanting to get high and see the island from a bird’s eye view, then you must try Parasailing which is very safe and exciting. The boat will come right up to you at your resort or villa, right from the beach and up you go. You can go two at a time or even three depending on your weight, while up there you get to view the whole island itself, take pictures and may even get a chance to see sharks or stinger rays while being up there and you also have the thrill of being dipped in the water when coming down.

  • Price: $99 per person
  • $23 for observer only
  • Prices are subject to Government Tax and fees

Wakeboarding/Wake Surfing/Waterskiing/Barefoot Skiing

Whether you’re familiar with any of these water activities or want to try something new for the first time, Island Tour & Excursions can find the company that best suits you, they cater to all styles and abilities. This is a great way to enjoy all forms of water excursions with trained professionals who know what they’re doing and loving being around people and love what they do. Whether you’re coming to rip a wave or advance your skills while riding on one of the smoothest and prettiest waters in the TCI, a smile is guaranteed to be on your face at the end of your adventure.

  • Price: small boat: $300 per hour, $750 for 3hrs and $1200 for 6hrs
  • Large Boat: $450 per hr, $1000 for 3hrs and $1800 for 6hrs
  • Prices are subject to Government Tax and fees

Private Beach Getaway

private beach getawaySharing a life time experience with friends, family or even a love one and escaping to the islands well get ready to discover the true meaning of paradise. Splashing, swimming and sipping the day away with new friends at one of our lovely beaches and surrendering to the sunshine in your chaise lounge drawn right up to our beautiful Caribbean sea. So allow Island Tours & Excursions to choose the best captains and take you on a journey where new life and experiences begins.

  • Pricing: $1232
  • Prices are subject to Government Tax and fees


Experiencing the underwater life is a “must do” here in the TCI, and we at Island Tours & Excursions want to ensure that everyone gets in on some of this action when coming to our beautiful home. With a semi-submarine you get to experience the full underwater experience without being in the water. This is a perfect ideal tour for our families especially those with young kids, this is a safe, fun and very convenient when it comes to the length of the trips. It’s lovely water to get close to our underwater life and enjoy a day of adventure with friends or family.

  • Price: Adults: $90
  • Kids: $79
  • Prices are subject to Government Tax and fees

Kite Surfing

Whether you’re a beginner looking to get into the sport or a seasoned rider interested in exploring exotic locations, we have some great kite boarding companies that has the perfect formulas that are sure to meet your needs. Their tours can meet to your specific needs and pace so you make the most of your holidays. For our beginners we can have a well experience and trained staff to get the full guidance and safety measures to make you a great kite boarder and for the experienced kite boarders the companies can ensure you an adventure.

  • Pricing for beginners lessons starts at: $450 for 1 person
  • Pricing for Experience Kite surfers starts at: $400
  • Prices are subject to Government Tax and fees

Glow Worm

Enjoy an exciting night on our beautiful waters, on a sail boat or power catamaran boat, while on a glowworm adventure. Three to Six days after the full moon the female worms glows to attract the male worm to mate in doing this they glow. Before the sun falls for you to see the glow worms you can enjoy the great company of music while cruising, with soft drinks and rum punch and on the return if you don’t get to see the glow worms as it’s not a facture that you will, you also get a beautiful sunset along with it.

  • Glow Worm (once a month, to 6 days after full moon): $99 per person
  • Prices are subject to Government Tax and fees

The Turks and Caicos Islands

The Turks and Caicos Islands are comprised of eight islands and 40 cays. They lie just southeast of the Bahamas chain of islands. The Turks and Caicos Islands are comprised of two groups of islands, the “Turks islands” and the “Caicos islands”. The land mass is surrounded by a continuous coral reef, one of the largest in the world.

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